6 Top Kitchen Knife Brands of 2021

Whether you are a professional chef or simply enjoy cooking, having the right set of knives can make a significant difference in the quality of your dishes. You can simply head to your local store and buy a cheap kitchen knife, but you would quickly have to replace it and deal with it performing poorly in the meantime. Instead, it is a better idea to buy from one of the top kitchen knife brands as their products will be comfortable to use, offer a sharp, effective edge, and last a long time. Here are the top brands to consider when shopping for your next knife.

Chicago Cutlery

Chicago Cutlery began in 1930 in the Chicago meat markets as a business that honed and sharpened knives. Eventually, the demand for these sharp knives increased and the company expanded into manufacturing as well, moving on to start making professional-grade knives in 1969. Chicago Cutlery is one of the top kitchen knife brands because they produce professional-grade knives, with the goal of making them usable and attainable for the average person. The blades hold an edge and the knives themselves are sturdy and comfortable. All the top knives by Chicago Cutlery are here for you to view and buy.


Victorinox is another of the top kitchen knife brands, and although they are perhaps most famous for making sturdy Swiss army knives, they also have an entire range of high-quality cutlery. Every knife from this brand comes with a Lifetime Warranty for manufacturer defects so you don’t have to worry about making your investment count. There are dozens of options to select from, including sets and individual knives for steak, paring, carving, and more. You can view all the best kitchen knives by Victorinox here.


Henckels knives are commonly considered one of the top options in the industry as they are made from high-grade steel. There are multiple different knife series that you can select from depending on the type of cut and features you want. They even offer stamped blades with serrated edges that never need to be sharpened, saving you a great deal of time in the kitchen. You can view all the products by Henckels here.


Ginsu has been one of the top kitchen knife brands for more than 90 years. When they were first getting their start, Ginsu relied on innovative infomercials, but today their brand name is enough to boost sales. The great thing about Ginsu is that they offer multiple different lines, so whether you want the best knives money can be or to balance quality with your budget, there is a series that will be right for you. All Ginsu knives are balanced, durable, sharp, and feature quality craftsmanship. Here are all the best knives by Ginsu.


Cuisinart is a big name in kitchen products, and they are also one of the top kitchen knife brands. They are one of the most affordable brands in the world of quality knives, offering the perfect option for those who are still unsure of what they want, but know they wish to upgrade their knives. There are also various options to choose from, covering all knife styles and sizes. All the knives by Cuisinart are here for you to view and compare.


Farberware began in 1900 with the production of vases, bowls, and similar items. The brand expanded to appliances in 1930 and has since made a name for itself in kitchen appliances and cooking implements. Today, there are several different knife series to select from, all of which feature a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind. You can select knives that do not need to be sharpened, extra-strength professional ones, or those with the Black Santoprene accents. All the best knives by Farberware are here.

Now that you know what the top kitchen knife brands are, it should be significantly easier to make your decision. Selecting a product from any of these brands will ensure a quality set of knives that will last a long time and offer professional results in your kitchen.

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