Top 6 Best Tomato Knives 2021

best tomato knivesWithout the proper tool, it can be a challenge to cut a tomato. You need a knife that can puncture the tough exterior without turning the insides into mush and for most people, this will be a tomato knife. Some people aren’t even aware these knives exist, but once you start looking, you will quickly see that there are hundreds of knives to choose from. Most will get the job done, but you should pay attention to durability, how to clean the knife, the ergonomics of the handle, and whether it comes with a warranty. Here are the top 5 best tomato knives to help you start your search.

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  1. Comparison chart of best tomato knives
  2. Detailed review of best tomato knives
  3. How to sharpen a tomato knife

Comparison Chart Of  Best Tomato Knives

PictureNameOriginBlade lengthWarrantyPriceRating
Rada MFGUSANot listedNo$$4.9
Cestari KitchenChina6 inchNot listed$$$4.8
Wusthof 4109-7Germany5 inchNot listed$$$4.7
Okami KnivesNot listed7 inchNot listed$$$4.6
Rada MFGUSA5 inchNo$$4.5
Pure Komachi 2Japan4 inchNo$4.4
MessermeisterPortugal4.5 inch No $$4.3

 Detailed Review Of Tomato Knives

#5 – Rada Cutlery Tomato Slicer Knife With Black Handle 2 Pack

This particular item is one of the top 5 best tomato knives which has been handcrafted for high quality. It is made in the United States and dishwasher safe to make it more convenient. The blades are made from high-carbon stainless steel with extra sharpness. The black handles are comfortable and made using stainless steel resin. The dual serrations ensure all cuts are even and straight and the knife is versatile enough to work no matter your dominant hand. There is a lifetime manufacturer guarantee and the blade itself measures 5 inches.

#4 – Utility Kitchen Knife 6 Inch By Okami Knives – Professional Japanese Stainless Steel, Damascus Blade – Extremely Sharp Cutlery – Premium Magnetic Gift Box – Best For Cutting Fruit, Vegetables, Tomato

If you are willing to spend a bit more, then this is one of the top 5 best tomato knives you can buy. The 6-inch knife is perfect for cutting tomatoes as well as other fruits and vegetables as well as sandwiches. The blade has 67 layers with Damascus steel on top of a VG10 Japanese super steel core. The handle is pakkawood from Spain. Although you can wash this knife in the dishwasher, it is best to hand wash it. The blade will resist corrosion and retain the edge. In addition to a limited lifetime warranty, this tomato knife comes with a money back guarantee for two months.

#3 – Wusthof 4109-7 Classic 5-Inch Tomato Knife


This is yet another serrated blade that is perfect for cutting tomatoes. It can also be used for bagels, fresh rolls, or hard salami. The blade is forged from high-carbon stainless steel and then hand-honed to ensure razor-like sharpness. Like the other items on this list, it comes with a lifetime guarantee and is dishwasher safe. The handle has three rivets to improve strength.

#2 – Best Serrated Knife – Bread Knife – Tomato Knife; Serrated Ceramic Blade Never Needs Sharpening: Premium Utility Knife With Safety Sheath In Luxury Gift Box By Cestari Kitchen

This is a unique option among the top 5 best tomato knives since the blade is ceramic. This blade will stay sharp ten times longer than those made of carbon or stainless steel, won’t rust, and doesn’t react with food. It is sharp enough to create paper thin slices of tomatoes, cheese, melons, or crusty bread. The rubberized handle is comfortable, lightweight, and ergonomic and designed to resist slipping. The knife comes with a lifetime guarantee and can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

#1 – Rada Cutlery Tomato Slicer, Aluminum Handle – 2 Pack

Like the other Rada Cutlery product among the top 5 best tomato knives, this one was handcrafted in the United States and has a high carbon stainless steel blade for added sharpness. This affordable option comes with a handle made of solid cast aluminum with great balance and a lifetime warranty. You should hand wash the knife and then dry it right away to help it last longer.

Now that you are familiar with the top 5 best tomato knives, you should have a better idea of the options. Any item on this list would be a good investment and most come with a lifetime warranty. Simply consider if you have a brand preference, how long of a knife you want, what material you would like on the handle, and how you plan on storing it. Then, you should be ready to make a decision.

How to sharpen a tomato knife

Sharpening a tomato knife seems a bit challenging. What method is right? What type of sharpener is required? How much time will it take? there’s a lot of questions that comes in a mind to sharpen a knives. But it’s very easy and simple to do. You just need a right guide.

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