Top 10 Best Boning & Fillet Knives

When searching for a boning or fillet knife, you want to carefully consider several factors. Think about how large of a knife you want, your budget, whether you want a warranty, and the materials you would like to be used. To get you started in your search, take a look at these top 10 best boning and fillet knives. There are choices to meet all price ranges and they come in a range of colors, many of which have ergonomic handles.

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  1. Comparison Chart Of Best Boning & Fillets Knives
  2. Detailed Review Of Best Boning & Fillets Knives
  3. Guide to fillet and deboning salmon perfectly.

Comparison Chart of Best Boning & Fillet Knives

PictureNameBlade lengthOriginWarrantyPriceRating
Rapala44 inchChinaNot listed$4.5
Victorinox 475136 inchSwitzerlandYes$4.8
Dexter-Russell (S131F-6PCP) 6 inchUSANot listed$4.6
Dexter-Russell S133-8WS1-CP8 inchUSANot listed$4.7
Dexter-Russell (S121PCP)2.25 inchUSANo$4.6
Update International (KP-04)6 inchNot listedNo$4.6
Victorinox6 inchSwitzerlandYes$4.8
Mercer Culinary6 inchNot listedYes$4.8
Chicago Cutlery5 inchChinaYes$4.3
DALSTRONG6 inchNot listedYes$$4.7

Detailed review of Best Boning & Fillet Knives:

#6 – Update International KP-04 High Carbon Stainless Steel Curved Blade Boning Knife, 6-Inch

This is one of the top 10 best boning and fillet knives with a curved blade to make it easier to use. The blade has been hand-honed to give you the maximum performance while cutting thanks to the sharpest possible edge. The steel is German with a high-carbon content as well as molybdenum/vanadium. The white handle measures 5 ½ inches so when combined with the 6-inch blade, the entire knife is 11 ¼ inches. The blade is one inch wide and tapered.

#5 – Dexter-Russell (S121PCP) – 2.75” New Haven Style Oyster Knife – Sani-Safe Series

The handle on this Dexter-Russell knife is a Grip-Tex to improve your group and safety while improving your leverage. It is easy to keep this knife clean since the handle has been sealed around the blade. The blade itself has a rounded tip and measures 2 ¾ inches in length. This shape makes it perfect for opening oyster shells. It is made from high-carbon steel.

#4 – Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe S133-8WS1-CP 8” Narrow Fillet Knife With Sheath

Another Sani-Safe knife from Dexter-Russell on the list of top 10 best boning and fillet knives, this one has a finger guard to reduce the risk of accidentally cutting yourself. The fillet knife is ideal for filleting fish and includes a sheath for storage and edge protection. The high-carbon steel blade measures 8” long and resists stains, wear, and corrosion. The handle is 5” long and made from polypropylene to resist wear and impact. The texture on the handle limits slipping while the material makes it easier to clean.

#3 – Dexter-Russell (S131F-6PCP) – 6” Boning Knife – Sani-Safe Series



This brand has proven its ability to produce high-quality knives, including this boning one. The blade is high-carbon steel and curved as well as flexible to make boning easier. The handle is the same Grip-Tex as the other similar models to improve your grip for safety and leverage. For easier maintenance, the handle is sealed around the blade.

#2 – Victorinox 47513 6-Inch Flex Boning Knife WithFibrox Handle

This is an affordable option among the top 10 best boning and fillet knives. The 6-inch blade is flexible and thin making it perfect for separating bone from fish, poultry, or meat with control. The high-carbon stainless-steel has been ice-tempered to improve edge retention and sharpness. The blade was stamped from steel that was cold-rolled and the edge doesn’t have a bolster so you can easily sharpen and use it. The Fibrox handle is slip-resistant, ergonomic, and textured. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

#1 – Rapala4 Soft Grip Fillet / Single Stage Sharpener / Sheath

This knife leads the list with the option of multiple knife lengths (4, 6, 7 ½, or 9 inches) for added versatility. To make it more convenient, the knife also comes with a single-stage sharpener and a black sheath to protect the knife and keep you safe. The textured handle has a soft grip for comfort. The blade is made from flexible Rapala stainless steel.

After you have looked at these top 10 best boning and fillet knives, you are ready to decide which one best meets your needs. Any of them will be comfortable to use, deliver precise cutting abilities, and last a long time. You simply need to decide which one best meets your style and needs.

Guide to fillet and deboning salmon perfectly.

Here’s the step-by-step video of how to fillet and deboning salmon.

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