Top 6 Best Kitchen Shears 2021

People choose to buy shears for a wide range of reasons. Some use them in the kitchen to cut herbs; others use them to cut meat. Other people buy shears to cut plants, fabric, or a wide range of other materials. The high demand means that you can find thousands of shears on the market and unless you know what you are looking for, picking the right pair will be confusing. These top 6 best shears are all highly durable and can meet most budgets. While looking at the list, think about what you plan to use the shears for as that will play a key role in picking the right ones.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best kitchen shears
  2. Detailed review of best kitchen shears
  3. Factors to consider before purchasing a kitchen shear.
  4. Innovative ways to utilize kitchen shears

Comparison chart of best kitchen shears

Checkered ChefChinaNo$$4.9
BAYCO-BD2814Not listedNot listed$$$4.8
J.A. HenckelsJapanYes$$$4.7
RSVP ChinaNo$$4.6
Wusthof 5558-1GermanyNot listed$$$4.5
AmazonBasicsNot listedYes$4.4
KitchenAid ChinaNo$$$4.3
WISLIFENot listedNo$$$4.0

Detailed review of best kitchen shears

#6 – AmazonBasics Multifunction Come-Apart Kitchen Shears



These shears are great for an incredible range of uses, such as cracking nuts, removing caps, peeling, cutting, and scaling. The blades are nice and sharp to make any task easy. They also have an ergonomic non-slip grip to improve safety and comfort. You should hand wash these shears and they will easily come apart but only when you want.

#5 – Wusthof 5558-1 Come-Apart Kitchen Shears


This is another of the top 6 best shears that comes apart for easy cleaning, drying, and storage. This ability to separate also makes it simple to sharpen the shears when it becomes necessary. They are comfortable in both the right and left hand and the handle is versatile enough to help you open jars. There are even steel-tooth inserts to twist open a jar or cap.

#4 – RSVP Herb Scissors


While some of the top 6 best shears are designed for general kitchen use, this particular product has a particular use: chopping herbs. The shears feature a set of 5 3-inch blades that are nice and sharp with the blades strategically placed to reduce the number of cuts you have to make to chop all of your herbs. The plastic and silicone handle is comfortable and easy to grip and the entire pair of scissors is 7.5 inches long. It is also dishwasher safe for convenience.



The steel blades on these shears will resist stains and are also micro-serrated to reduce slipping while cutting. Like some of the other models on this list, these shears have serrated metal inserts on the handles which are great for cracking nuts or opening jars and bottles. The shears are versatile enough to use for most tasks in the kitchen and the stainless steel will resist corrosion. Although you should hand wash the shears, they can go in the dishwasher.

#2 – BAYCO Stainless Steel Chicken Scissors – BD2814


Yet another of the top 6 best shears with a specific purpose, these BAYCO scissors are perfect for cutting various parts of a chicken. They are made from stainless steel for durability and a very sharp edge. The Bakelite handle is comfortable to grip and makes the shears easy to operate.

#1 – Kitchen Scissors – Heavy Duty Checkered Chef Multifunction Shears With Magnetic Holder


This product leads the top 6 best shears because of their high quality and the free magnetic holder that lets you keep them in whatever convenient spot you pick. These scissors can come apart, but will only do so when you want to, making them perfect for cleaning or sharpening. They can cut through most kitchen items, such as vegetables, meat, chicken wings, ribs, and even bones or help cut cardboard.

If you plan on just using your kitchen shears for a specific purpose, you may want to get a pair that is designed for that in particular, whether it is cutting herbs or chicken. If, however, you want versatile shears that you can use for any kitchen task, consider one of the other top 6 best shears. Each of these products will be durable and can be sharpened to extend its life.

Factors to consider before purchasing your kitchen shears.

  • Brand.
    Make sure you read some additional information about the manufacturers of the shears you choose from. Find some reviews of their products on specialized websites, blogs, etc. You can also compare reviews of other brands to see what will be better for you.
  • Price.
    Find something that will fit your budget yet will be of a high quality – there should be different options. Sometimes people pay for a brand or a greatly advertised model of kitchen shears that doesn’t really work as it should. Also, be ready to spend some more money if you find something much better that what you planned to buy. Such appliances will serve you for a longer time, so you will not have to replace it in a couple of months.
  • Size.
    You need to choose the size that will fit your needs perfectly, so don’t buy tiny shears just because they are cheaper. Make sure it will be convenient to use the appliance and that it will find its place in your kitchen.
  • Safety.
    As a pair of kitchen shears is a sharp piece of equipment, it automatically becomes a cutting hazard. When buying such tools, you need to be sure the material is convenient to hold and won’t slip from your hands or from the table.
  • Functionality.
    It will be cheaper to buy one pair of kitchen shears that can multitask than to buy a whole set of shears. You may have to spend more money on it, but it will help you immensely. A single tool for herbs, meat, etc. will make it less dangerous to use it as checking one tool is better than checking a set.
  • Material.
    There are many material options to choose from, so find something that will fit your kitchen the best. There are shears made from steel and other metals, as well as from cermet and even plastic. You need something that can be easily used and sharpened, or that will not require sharpening at all. A good idea is to look at the other kitchen appliances you have, it will help you understand what material you need for your kitchen.
  • Style.
    This is not the most important point for many people, but when you have a well-designed, sophisticated kitchen, you may think of matching the design of new appliances with it. The most popular difference is traditional vs. modern kitchen shears. Choose what will fit your home style, there are good options for both traditional and modern appliances. Remember that both of them can be highly functional, as the design doesn’t interfere with this point in most cases.
  • A place to keep them.
    You need to be sure you have a special block to keep your shears in. This will make it safer to keep the appliance, and you will always know where it is. Sometimes there is a bigger hole for kitchen shears in knife blocks, so check out yours to see whether you have one. If you don’t, buy a special block for shears or consider changing your full knife block so everything sharp and dangerous is in one place.

Innovative ways to utilize kitchen shears

Kitchen shears has many uses here’s few helpful tips to use it.

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