Top 7 Best Cleavers

Cleavers are one of the few knives that have the necessary heft and weight to cut through hard items such as bones, joints, or even tough seeds. This makes them a good addition to any kitchen and it is typically worth spending a bit more to get a high-quality cleaver. You will notice that many of the top 7 best cleavers come with a warranty because their manufacturer has a great deal of faith in their construction. This list of the best cleavers should help you find a great knife or simply give you an idea of what to look for.

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Comparison chart of best cleavers

PictureNameBlade lengthOriginWarrantyPriceRating
Top Chef by Master Cutlery7 inchNot listedNot listed$$4.9
Winco 8 inchNot listedNo$4.8
Artaste 590833 inchNot listedNo$4.7
Update International (KCL-7HD)7 inchChinaNo$4.6
Global GS-55.5 inchJapanYes$$$4.5
Wusthof Classic Ikon8 inchGermanyYes$$$4.4
Utopia Kitchen7 inchChinaNo$4.2
Dexter-Russell (S5288)8 inchChinaNot listed$$$4.1
Chicago Cutlery6.5 inchNot listedNot listed$4.0

Detailed review of best cleavers:

#7 – J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Classic 6-Inch Cleaver


perfect best Cleaver

This cleaver is 6 inches long and heavy enough to easily chop through bones and joints. The stainless steel is German with a high carbon content for stain resistance and both the blades and bolsters have been hot-drop forged. The handle has three rivets and the blade has a full tang. Although the cleaver is dishwasher safe, you should hand wash it. It also comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

#6 – Wusthof Classic Ikon 8-Inch Cook’s Knife, Black


Best Cleavers

This cook’s knife is incredibly versatile and works as well as a cleaver for dicing, mincing, and slicing a range of items. The German stainless steel has a high carbon content and was precision forged using a single piece. The cutting edge was tested and laser controlled. To make cutting effortless, there are double bolsters which add to the balance and heft. The black handle features three rivets and has a contoured design. This German-made knife has a limited lifetime warranty and should be hand washed.

#5 – Global GS-5 – 5 ½ Inch, 14cm Vegetable Knife


good Cleaver

This knife is unusual among the top 7 best cleavers because it is lightweight. It is a precisely balanced knife that is ideal for chopping and slicing vegetables. The blade is made from molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel of a high-tech variety so the edge is able to maintain its razor sharpness. The handle is also made from stainless steel and was molded with comfort in mind and dimpled for a better grip. There is a lifetime warranty.

#4 – Update International KCL-7HD Stainless Steel Cleaver, 7-Inch

top rated Cleavers

An affordable option, this heavy-duty cleaver is made from stainless steel. The black plastic handle resists corrosion and the blade has a flat tip, straight edge, and full tang. The blade itself is 7 inches long and the entire knife is 12 ½ inches.

#3 – Artaste 59083 Heavy Duty Cleaver With POM Handle And 6-Inch By 3-Inch Blade

good Cleavers

This is another of the top 7 best cleavers with a stainless steel blade. This particular cleaver’s blade has been heat treated to help resist corrosion. The handle is triple-riveted to support the full tang. There is also a convenient hole in the top corner of the knife so you can hang it and it is dishwasher safe.

#2 – Winco Heavy Duty Cleaver With Wooden Handle

top rated Cleavers

This is a leader among the top 7 best cleavers for those on a budget. The wooden handle is solid and supports the weight of the stainless steel blade. The blade is highly resistant to corrosion and measures 8 inches long and 8.5 inches wide. The handle is 5 inches long and the knife is dishwasher safe.

#1 – Top Chef By Master Cutlery 7” Chopper/Cleaver

Best Cleavers

The stainless steel found on this cleaver has been ice tempered and its cutting edge was precision sharpened and hollow ground to help prevent food from sticking. The handle is also steel and has bolsters which were seamlessly polished and bonded. The surface is non-slip for safety. The blade measures 6.5 inches long and the handle is 5.3 inches.

Next time you find yourself looking for a cleaver to help with tough tasks in the kitchen, consider one of these top 7 best cleavers. There is an option for every budget and handle preference so you should have no problem finding a cleaver that meets your requirements.

Best way to use cleaver

It’s very important to handle cleaver properly.In this video you will learn the best way to use cleaver.

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