Top 7 Best Cutting Boards

Every kitchen needs a good cutting board. A cutting board makes it easier to clean after preparing food and lets you cut items then bring them across the room. When looking for a cutting board, make sure that you get one that is large enough for your needs and can handle the knives you use. Here are the top 7 best cutting boards to consider.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best cutting boards
  2. Detailed review of best cutting boards
  3. How to use cutting boards and knives 

Comparison chart of best cutting boards

(wide x length)
Totally Bamboo3/8 inch thick
(1 - 6 x 8 inch,
2 - 8-1/2 x 11 inch,
3 - 9-1/2 x 13 inch)
Da Vinci0.7 inch thick
(1 - 8 x 12 inch,
2 - 12 x 16 inch)
Not listedBamboo$$4.8
CounterArt0.1 inch thick
(sets of 4 - 11.5 x 15 inch
Not listedDurable plastic$4.7
Norpro Cut-N-Slice0.1 inch thick
(set of 3 - 9.5 x 14 inch)
USAFlexible plastic$4.6
Totally Bamboo 20-20383/8 inch thick
(1 - 8.5 x 11 inch,
9.5 x 13-3/8 inch)
Dutis1/3 inch thick
(1 - 6 x 10 inch
2 - 8 x 13 inch
3 - 10 x 16 inch)
Not listedPlastic$$$4.4
OXO 0.5 inch thick
(10.5 x 15 inch)
Not listedDurable polypropylene$$4.3
Seville Classics1.2 inch thick
(13.4 x 16.5 inch,
7 removable dishwasher safe chopping mats - 12 x 15 inch)
ChinaBamboo and plastic$$$4.2
Kitchen Active0.6 inch thick
(10 x 13 inch)
Not listedBamboo$$4.1
Vikalis0.5 inch thick
(9.8 x 14.5 inch)
Not listedPremium silicon$4.0

Detailed review of best cutting boards:

#7 – OXO Good Grips 10-½-by-15-Inch Utility Cutting Board, Black

Best oxo Cutting Boards

This cutting board is 10 ½ by 15 inches and has stylish black edges to match the kitchen decor. It is made from durable polypropylene that is non-porous and resists odor. The cutting board is double sided so you can cut multiple items without the juices running together. There are also non-slip edges, a juice groove, and tapered soft handles for moving the board. It is also dishwasher safe.

#6 – Dishwasher Safe Plastic Cutting Board Set With Non-Slip Feet And Deep Drip Juice Groove. Acrylic Polypropylene White With Lime Green A Beautiful 3 Piece Set By Dutis Kitchenware

dishwasher safe Cutting Boards

This set of top 7 best cutting boards is dishwasher safe and the boards will not degrade or warp. They each have rubber feet so they do not slip or slide, which could pose a danger while cutting. They are each ⅓ inch thick and measure 10×6 inches, 13×8 inches, and 16×10 inches. They each have a large carrying handle to make them easier to use and have a groove on a side to collect juices and prevent a mess.

#5 – Totally Bamboo 20-2038 Bamboo Cutting Board Set, 2-Board Set

bamboo Cutting Boards

These bamboo cutting boards are made from high-quality Moso bamboo and are ⅜ inch thick. The large one is 9 ½ by 13 ⅜ inches while the small one is 8 ½ by 11 inches. You can easily wash the boards using warm water. Using Totally Bamboo’s Revitalizing Oil will help extend the beauty and life of the cutting boards.

#4 – Nopro Cut-N-Slice Flexible Cutting Boards, Set Of 3

nopro Cutting Boards

This set includes three cutting boards with food icons and separate colors so you can have separate cutting surfaces for meats, seafood or poultry, and fruits and vegetables. All cutting boards are FDA-approved and very easy to sanitize as well as dishwasher safe.

#3 – CounterArt Flexible Cutting Mat With Food Icons, Set Of 4

perfect Cutting Boards

This is another of the top 7 best cutting boards that features a set designed to reduce cross-contamination. Each of the four cutting boards is brightly colored and features food icons. The material is flexible so you can easily roll up the boards and prevent spilling when transferring food.The boards also have a microban protection that inhibits bacteria which cause stains and odors.

#2 – Da Vinci Natural Bamboo 2-Piece Cutting Board Set – 0.7” Thick, Large 15.7”x11.8” And 11.8”x7.9” Boards

top Cutting Boards

The bamboo in these top 7 best cutting boards is eco-friendly and renewable. They are extra thick at 0.7 inches for increased durability and strength. Most bamboo boards of this thickness have horizontally-cut bamboo which leads to breakage, but this bamboo was cut vertically. The bamboo is all natural without colors or dyes so the color doesn’t fade.

#1 – Totally Bamboo 3 Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set; Perfect For Meat & Veggie Prep, Serve Bread, Crackers & Cheese, Cocktail Bar Board

Best Cutting Boards

These three bamboo cutting boards are each ⅜ inch thick, making them easy to store. They are 6×8, 8-1/2×11, and 9-1/2×13, offering a range of sizes. Bamboo is a great option since it is easy on your knives, better for the environment, and stronger than hardwood. You should hand wash these cutting boards with warm water and occasionally use Totally Bamboo’s Revitalizing Oil.

When looking at the top 7 best cutting boards, you should consider how many cutting boards you need and what sizes you want. Also, think about whether you want a bendable cutting board that is thin and easy to store or a thick, sturdy one. Finally, consider whether a set with labeled boards for various purposes would be useful. Pick your cutting board and never worry about ruining your counter while prepping food again.

How to use cutting boards and knives

How to place the cutting board and how to you extend its life? Here’s the answer for it. It also tells you about how to do chopping with different types of knives,

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