Top 10 Best Deba Knives

Deba knives are thick and stout, perfect for cutting fish. These traditional Japanese knives have seen many updates throughout the years and now you can easily find plenty of options available no matter your price range. Although Deba knives were traditionally used for fish, you can use them to cut other items as well. If you are looking for a new knife, you will want to consider the top 10 best Deba knives, keeping in mind what size and weight you’d like your knife to have.

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  2. Detailed Review Of Best Deba Knives
  3. How to fillet kingfish with deba knife

Comparison Chart of Best Deba Knives

PictureNameBlade lengthWarrantyOriginPriceRating
Vos Professional8 InchNot listedHong kong$$4.2
1Easylife Professional6 and 4 inches availableNot listedNot listed$2.7
Kiwi (#171)6 to 7 inchNot listedThailand$4.5
SEKIRYU6-1/4 inchNot listedJapan$4.2
Mercer Culinary6 inchYesNot listed$4.4
Kai 6715D6 inchYesJapan$4.5
Global G-77 inchYesJapan$$$4.6
Kai (AK-1102)6.5 inchNot listedJapan$$4.6
Kotobuki6.5 inchNot listedJapan$$5.0
Yoshihiro6 , 6.5, 7.5, 8.5 inches availableYesJapan$$$4.9

Detailed review of Best Deba Knives

#5 – Mercer Culinary 6” Japanese-Style Deba Knife


Starting the list of top 10 best Deba knives is this one from Mercer Culinary. It is heavy and thick in comparison to the typical medium or light-duty cleaver and features a pointed edge for carving. The knife was specifically designed or chopping or cutting hard vegetables, meat, and fish. To protect the knife, it comes in an aesthetically pleasing wooden box. The blade is stain-free, single-edge, and high carbon German steel that has been ground using a fine stone finish.


This Deba knife is designed for the same uses as a traditional one, such as cutting through toughened areas and bones of medium-sized fish. It also works well with poultry, meat, and vegetables. The knife is authentic as it was made in Japan and hand forged in Seki City. The manufacturer, Sekiryu Corporation of Japan is well respected as a top Japanese knife maker. It is dishwasher-safe, stain free, and rust resistant.

#3 – Deba-Style Flexible Thai Knife (#171), Kiwi

This particular option among the top 10 best Deba knives is well balanced and includes a fine wooden handle that is double-riveted. The stainless steel blade has been hardened and is of the highest quality. The knife is incredibly easy to sharpen and works well with the preparation of ingredients and odd jobs in the kitchen.

#2 – 1Easylife Professional 6 Piece Ceramic Knife Cutlery And Peeler Set, Includes 6” Chef’s, 5” Utility/Slicing, 4” Paring, 3” Fruit Knife And One Peeler With Block, Black Handle And Black Blade (Black With Blocked)


This kit is an excellent value for those who want a Deba knife as well as several other useful kitchen tools. All of the knives are ceramic and made using zirconium ceramic blades of ultra-high quality. The ABS handles are comfortable to hold while the ceramic blades make it easy to slice fruits and vegetables. These ceramic blades never need to be sharpened, saving you time in the kitchen and the handle and blade are firmly attached so there is no wobbling. To increase comfort during use, the knives are all lightweight and they do not rust or transfer odor. The entire kit also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can rest easy about spending your money.

#1 – Ceramic Knife – VOS Professional Classic Ceramic Chef’s Knife 8 Inch Zirconia Hard White Blade Green Handle + Gift Box


Leading the top 10 best Deba knives is this ceramic option from VOS. The advanced ceramic blade is ultra-sharp and able to retain this sharpness for 15 times as long as a traditional steel blade. It also remains pure without a metallic smell or taste, no rusting, no browning of foods, and no risk of oils or acids entering the blade. The knife is also lightweight with an ergonomic handle for comfort. Simply rinse the knife off to clean it.

Now that you have a better idea of what the top 10 best Deba knives have to offer, you should be ready to make a decision. Consider whether you want a traditional metal blade or prefer a ceramic one, whether you want a traditional Japanese Deba knife, and your budget. Then, return to this list and see which option best fits your needs.

How to fillet kingfish with deba knife

Its very important to take care while using this kind of a sharpen blade knife becuase it may cut your fingers. This video gives you step by step guide on how to fillet kisngfish with deba knife.

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