Top 6 Best Fruit Knives 2021

You may not think you need to have a fruit knife in your kitchen, but once you have cut your produce using one of these knives, you will see the benefits. They are designed to get through all types of fruit without damaging the interiors, making them incredibly useful. In many cases, you can also use a fruit knife for other kitchen tasks to make the most of it. Here are the top 6 best fruit knives you should consider.

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  2. Detailed review of best fruit knives.
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Comparison chart of best fruit knives

PictureNameBlade lengthOriginWarrantyPriceRating
Pure Komachi 24 inchJapanNo$$4.9
Kuhn Rikon11 inchSwitzerlandNot listed$$$4.8
HIC SquirtfreeTaiwanNo$4.7
Victorinox14 inchSwitzerlandNot listed$$$4.6
Okami Knives3.5 inchChinaYes$$$4.5
Kotobuki3-3/4 inchJapanNot listed$$4.4
Rachael RaySet of 2 - 6 and 3.5 inchesNot listedNo$$$4.3
Prodyne CK-300 5.5 inchNot listedNo$4.2
Hitecera3.26 inchNot listedNot listed$$$4.1
HIC3.5 inchChinaNo$4.0

Detailed review of best fruit knives:

#6 – Kotobuki Fruit Knife With Wood Cover, Brown

best fruit knives


This knife is a traditional Japanese fruit knife measuring 3 ¾ inches long. It is perfect for paring fruits or vegetables and the cover and handle are both an elegant wood. The knife was made in Japan with attention to detail and contains Japanese 420 series stainless steel which helps the blade resist corrosion and rust. The blade has been double-ground around the edge so it will better retain its sharpness. To preserve this knife, only hand wash it and sharpen it using a whetstone.

#5 – Utility Kitchen Knife 6 Inch By Okami Knives – Professional Japanese Stainless Steel, Damascus Blade – Extremely Sharp Cutlery – Premium Magnetic Gift Box – Best For Cutting Fruit, Vegetables, Tomato

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Although labeled as a utility knife, this product is perfect for cutting even the most delicate fruits and vegetables. The core of the blade is made from Japanese super steel and this is then covered in 67 layers containing Damascus steel for a razor-sharp blade that is corrosion-resistant and retains its edge. The handle is made from Spanish pakka wood. Although it is dishwasher safe, you should hand wash this knife.

#4 – Victorinox 40646 Granton Edge 14” Blade Slicer WithFibrox Handle

good fruit knives


As a Victorinox product, this is one of the top 6 best fruit knives with a black Fibrox handle. The blade is 14 inches long and has a Granton edge. The high-carbon steel features a stamped construction for added durability. It also comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. In addition to fruit, it is also great for cutting cheese, fish, and meat. This knife can also be stored in the magnetic knife holder.

#3 – HIC Squirt-Free Grapefruit Knife

top rated fruit knives


Cutting grapefruit can be a particular challenge, but this knife takes care of it. There are two ends, including serrated edges so you can easily section the grapefruit and at the same time, they work to prevent squirting of the juices. The blade is also curved to help separate the slices from the rind and both blades are stainless steel mounted on a solid wood handle.

#2 – Kuhn Rikon Melon Knife Colori, 11-Inchthe best fruit knives


The high-carbon Japanese steel in this blade has been covered in a non-stick coating so food will easily come off of the blades. The cut-outs in the shape of a seed stop melon from sticking, instead letting it easily slide off the blade. The knife is whimsical in design, mimicking the appearance of a watermelon. The handle is ergonomic so you can keep a firm grip while cutting the tough melon skin.
Here is how to use this knife:

#1 – Pure Komachi 2 Series Citrus Knife – Best Fruit KNives Winner

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This is one of the top 6 best fruit knives that can cut a range of fruits and vegetables. The serrations on the 4-inch knife are widely spaced so food doesn’t stick. The blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel to retain its super-sharp edge and is covered in a non-stick resin coating which works to resist corrosion. This coating also ensures that the knife slides through the food instead of sticking to it.

When choosing among the top 6 best fruit knives, you will want to think about whether you plan on using the knife for a specific fruit or want one that can be used for a variety of fruits and vegetables. Consider whether you want a sheath or case for transportation and how much you are willing to spend. You should be ready to make a decision and start slicing your favorite fruit in no time.

Fruit cutting tips

Now its easy to cut fruits without hurting your fingers.

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