Top 10 Best Knife Blocks 2021

Looking for knife blocks will show you hundreds of options, some which come with knives and others which don’t. To help sort through the various options, here are the top 5 best knife blocks. You will notice they hold a varying number of knives and are made from a few different materials, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison chart of best knife blocks
  2. Detailed review of best knife blocks
  3. Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Knife Block

Comparison chart of best knife blocks

PictureNameHolds knifeMaterialPriceRating
Totally Bamboo 20-209115 knivesBamboo$$4.9
Shenzhen Knives10-15 knivesBamboo$4.8
KapooshApproximately 8 - 10 depending on the sizeBamboo$$$4.7
Kapoosh BatonnetApproximately 18 - 22 depending on the sizeWood$$$4.6
Kuhn Rikon11-12 knivesPlastic$$$4.5
Bodum BistroApproximately 10 -16 depending on the sizePlastic with a soft touch grip and silicone feet anchor it$$$4.4
Cook N Home19 knivesBamboo$$$4.3
Shenzhen Knives19 knivesBamboo veneer and hardwood$$$4.2
J.A Henckels11 knivesBeechwood$4.1
SimPriumUpto 12 knivesPolypropylene$$$4.0

Detailed review of knife blocks:

#5 – Kuhn Rikon Knife Block, Clear – Best Universal Knife Block

Best universal Knife Blocks

This is an unusual option among the top 5 best knife blocks since it is clear. This Swiss design allows you to easily view your knives and the fact that it is clear allows it to match any kitchen decor, no matter the color scheme or materials used. The top of the knife block features numerous slots to store knives and kitchen scissors of nearly any size. Because you can see the knives, you won’t have to guess which slot has the one you need. You can also lift out the blade holder and clean the interior so there is no worry about dirt accumulating.

#4 – KapooshBatonnet Knife Block, Light Oak Woodgrain

good Knife Blocks

The unique design of this particular knife block gives you universal storage with the ability to put knives anywhere in the block you want. There are also two tiers, one designed for knives that are up to 8 inches long and the other for those up to 5 inches long to help you stay organized. The flex rods in the knife block are made of food-grade plastic so you don’t have to worry about dulling or damaging your blades. These patented flex rods allow the system to hold any knife in place by conforming to its exact shape. You can even remove the flex rods and put them in the dishwasher to clean.

#3 – Kapoosh Dice Knife Block, Bamboo Wood

Best rated Knife Blocks

This is another of the top 5 best knife blocks from Kapoosh and it features the same patented flex rod technology as the previous model. Therefore, you can easily store knives of any shape or size and remove the flex rods to wash them, all without fear of dulling or otherwise damaging your knives. This particular knife block can fit a blade that is up to 8 inches long and has a stylish exterior made of bamboo.

#2 – Shenzhen Knives. In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block

in drawer Knife Blocks

The majority of top 5 best knife blocks are designed to sit upright on the kitchen counter or table, but this one stands out by working perfectly in any drawer. The unit is 17 x 5.5 x 2 inches, fitting in the majority of standard depth drawers, depending on the handle on the knives you choose. You can fit anywhere between 10 and 15 knives in this block depending on their size. The bamboo material is also eco-friendly and resists bacteria to keep your knives clean.

#1 – Totally Bamboo 20-2091 In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block

Best bamboo Knife Block

This is yet another great in-drawer knife block that allows you to clear up space on your kitchen counter. It is 17 x 5 2/7 x 2 inches so you should not have a problem fitting it in your kitchen drawers. The block can hold up to 15 knives and is very easy to maintain. You can wash the block off using warm water and occasionally revitalize it with Totally Bamboo’s Revitalizing Oil. As a bamboo block, this is a strong, versatile, dense, and eco-friendly alternative to standard wood.

When browsing the top 5 best knife blocks, take some time to consider what exactly you want from the block. Think about whether you want one to go in your drawer or sit on the counter. Also, consider the material you want, how many knives you would like to fit, and how much flexibility you want in terms of placing the knives.

 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Knife Block

  • Size
    Before choosing a knife block, it is important to know what knives you usually use. You’ll take a big risk buying it without knowing the sizes of your appliances, , as you will just waste your money if it doesn’t fit. Measure the sizes of the knives you use and choose the a proper block for them .
  • Materials
    You have to choose the material that will fit your needs the most, as all of them have different properties. There are three common materials used for knife blocks: plastic, wood, and steel. The first one is commonly used, but it is not very durable, so you may need to replace it soon. Wooden blocks are good for steel knives prone to corrosion and rust, as wood helps remove excess water from the metal surface. You have to clean it often, though, as wet wood can become home for many kinds of bacteria. Blocks from stainless steel are easier to maintain, but you should be careful not to drop them, as their functionality becomes much worse.
  • A place to put the block in.
    You should think about the place you will put your new knife block in and choose the model accordingly. Will it be in the corner or near the wall? Will it stay or hang? All these details influence the range of blocks you will have to choose from eventually. The block can be with one long row for knives, horizontal or vertical. It can also be constructed to have several rows to be more compact. Measure the space you have for your future block and decide accordingly.
  • Design.
    Even though aesthetics isn’t the main point in buying a knife block, you still have to pay attention to it. It has to fit the overall design of your kitchen by color and form, as details like such a block can make your kitchen much look more appealing. Combine your color decision with the material that is best for your knives, and you will most probably get the perfect looks of your future appliance.
  • Ergonomics.
    You should also think of whether the block you are about to choose is ergonomic, as this factor decides the level of convenience you will get. Choose the block that will not be slippery, as there will be an injury danger if it falls. Also, check for the special coat underneath so the appliance doesn’t slide every time you try to take a knife from it. Depending on your choice, the block can become a guarantee of safety or a potential cutting hazard.
  • Price.
    There are different blocks to choose for any budget, but you have to pick the best option for the amount of money you want to spend on it. Make sure to go through several variants to see what will be better for your kitchen. Besides, it is always better to spend some extra money on a better model of a knife block to be sure it will provide safety and good storage for your knives. Buying appliance that is too cheap may make you need to replace it very soon.

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