Top 6 Best Mincing Knives 2021

A mincing knife is the ideal tool for mincing your food items into small pieces and it is a valuable addition to any kitchen. With thousands of knives to choose from, you need to narrow down your selection somehow. Consider the style of mincing knife you would like, what size you prefer, whether you want a sheath or other storage system to be included, and if you care what material the blade is made of. Then, take a look at these top 6 best mincing knives and make a selection.

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  1. Comparison chart of mincing knives
  2. Detailed review of mincing knives
  3. What to look for in the best mincing knives before buying.
  4. How to mince herbs

Comparison chart of  mincing knives

PictureNameMaterialBlade lengthDouble bladesPriceRating
AmcoStainless steel balde and silicone handle7.5 inchNo$$4.9
SimpleStainless steel blade and wood handle10 inchNo $$4.8
Fox RunStainless steel blade and handle7 inchYes$4.7
WusthofGerman steel bladeand synthetic handle8 inchNo$4.6
Westmark GermanyStainless steel blade 6.9 inchYes$4.5
ULUStainless steel blade and hardwood handle6 inchNo$$4.4
HIC'sStainless steel blade and wood handle6.75 inchNo$4.3
SCIStainless steel blade and wood handle10 inchNo$4.2
J.A. HenckelsStainless steel blade and handle5 inchYes$$$4.1
HIC Harold Stainless steel blade and comfort handle6-3/4 inchNo$4.0

 Detailed review of mincing knives

#6 – ULU: The Original Chopping & Slicing Tool Alaskan Ulu Knife


This is one of the top 6 best mincing knives for those who prefer traditional options. It has a hardwood handle and sits on a hardwood display stand to complement the handle. The blade itself is a 6-inch Ulu blade made of stainless steel. The wood used is Rubberwood, which is flexible, strong, eco-friendly, high-quality, sustainable, and resistant to mold, bacteria, and fungus.

#5 – Westmark Germany Mezzaluna Chopper Stainless Steel Double Blade Mincing Knife With Black Handles


Yet another mincing knife based on traditional design, this one’s name, Mezzaluna, translates to “half-moon” in Italian to show its shape. This is a favorite style of knife across the world for chopping items quickly. Between the 7-inch blades and the ability to use both at once, any job can get done quickly. The handles are round-shaped for a secure grip and you simply use a gentle rocking motion to guide the hand-sharpened stainless-steel blades across nuts, vegetables, and herbs.

#4 – Wusthof 2-Piece Mincing Knife And Cutting Board Set


This is another of the top 6 best mincing knives in a mezzaluna shape. This blade measures 8 inches and in addition to the knife itself, the set comes with a cutting bowl which mimics the shape of the blade so you don’t have to worry about the knives rocking out of the designated cutting area while chopping. The blades were laser cut and made using high-carbon German stainless steel. Unlike the traditional model, this unit was designed to be single-handed for convenience.

#3 – Fox Run Stainless Steel Mezzaluna


This Fox Run mincing knife is also in the popular mezzaluna style for a gentle, natural rocking motion that will easily cut through whatever you plan to mince. There are sharp double stainless steel blades, each 7 inches long. The handle is large and easy to grip, placing your hands at a safe distance from the blades. It is ideal for mincing garlic, fresh herbs, peppers, onions, and other items.

#2 – Salad Chopper Chopping Knife – This 10” Mezzaluna Double Wood Handles Chopped Salad Knife Is Also Great To Use For A Pizza Cutter & Vegetable Chopper Mincer – Stainless Steel – Dishwasher Safe- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


This is another mezzaluna knife among the top 6 best mincing knives that is great for daily use. The large, 10-inch stainless steel blade makes the knife versatile enough to chop an entire salad at once. It is also very easy to clean as you can simply put it in the dishwashers. The double wooden handles specifically designed to keep your fingers safely away from the blades. The knife also comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

#1 – Amco Stainless Steel With Silicone Handle Mezzaluna


Proving the appeal of mezzaluna blades, this product leads the top 6 best mincing knives. The entire knife is 6 ½ inches by 4 ½ inches. The silicone comfort grip helps you securely hold the knife without worrying about it sliding around. The rocking motion is simple to master and lets you easily mince or chop vegetables and herbs.

If you are looking at the top 6 best mincing knives, you will probably want to buy a mezzaluna, although there are also other traditional styles available, such as the ulu. You should consider the style of the knife, the length of the blade, and whether it relies on a one or two handed grip. Soon you can be mincing vegetables like the pros.

What To Look For In A Mincing Knife

Most people who choose to buy a mincing knife will already have a few different types of knives in their arsenal. That is because mincing knives tend to have a curved shape with two handles that makes them great for mincing things like herbs and even slightly larger items, but awkward for other uses. When looking at a mincing knife, there are a few important things to pay attention to.

Size Of Blade in Mincing Knife

As mentioned, nearly all mincing knives will have a curved blade that looks like the bottom part of a circle. The blades are typically anywhere from five to ten inches long, but some will fit outside this range. Because of this, you need to decide how large of a mincing knife you want. To figure that out, consider your storage space as well as the size of your cutting board and how much food you want to mince at once.

Blade Material

In addition to the size of the blade, you should also consider its material. The best mincing knives will have stainless steel blades. This material is best at retaining its sharpness and doesn’t rust or contaminate the food you use it with. It is also easy to maintain and sharpen.

Handle Shape And Material

There are two main types of handles on mincing knives. Some will have a horizontal handle that connects the two edges of the curve. Others will have two vertical handles by the edges of the blade. Some even have a built-in handle that seamlessly connects with the top of the blade to complete the oval shape. Think about which of these styles is most comfortable for you since it can be awkward to get used to a new style of mincing knife. Some handles are even ergonomic or designed for comfort during extended use. Also consider the material you prefer for the handle. The most common options are wood, synthetic materials, and plastic.

Storage of Mincing Knives

We already mentioned storage as an important consideration to figure out what size knife you should buy. You will also want to consider whether you want a mincing knife that comes with a sheath or other storage item. These may cost a little more but because of the unusual shape of mincing knives, it can be a challenge to find a third-party sheath that fits and the knife isn’t likely to fit in your knife block unless it has a special compartment.

Single Or Double Blade

You will notice that mincing knives can have one or two blades. Most options have a single blade and this is perfect for recipes with larger pieces. Those with double blades will have both sharp edges side by side, giving you the ability to shop smaller pieces in a more uniform manner. Depending on what you plan to cook, this may be a good option.

There is also one more type of mincing blade that completely different from the others. This type is a rolling mincer with a long handle. There are tiny blades which rotate while using it. Choose this type of knife if you want to make uniform, small pieces in a very short amount of time.

How to mince herbs

This is the perfect video on how to chop herbs finely and quickly and keep them green.

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