Top 10 Best Sashimi/Sushi Knives

No matter the type of food you prepare in your kitchen, a sashimi/sushi knife can be incredibly useful. These traditional Japanese knives are multifunctional, letting you slice fish, make sushi or sashimi, or simply add another tool to your kitchen supplies. There are at least dozens of sashimi knives to choose from, making it a tough decision. Think about whether you care if the knife comes from Japan, how long you need it to be, whether you are willing to hand wash it, and how long the blade should be. Then look at these top 10 best sashimi knives to see which ones meet your requirements.

Table Of Content:

  1. Comparison Chart Of Best Sashimi/sushi Knives
  2. Detailed Review Of Best Sashimi/sushi  Knives
  3. Factors to consider before purchasing a Sashimi knife.
  4. How to slice sashimi

Comparison Chart of Best Sashimi/sushi Knives

PictureNameBlade lengthOriginWarrantyPriceRating
Royal Chef's Knife8 inchPakistanNo$3.8
Sekizo8 inchJapanNo$4.2
Mercer Culinary12 inchNot listedYes$4.4
Yoshihiro VGYA240SH9.5 inchJapanNot listed$$$4.0
Yoshihiro NSW 469.5 inchJapanNot listed$$$4.6
Shun9.5 inchJapanYes$$$4.3
Tojiro F-9308.5 inch JapanNot listed$$2.9
Yoshihiro Hongasumi10.5 inchJapanNot listed$$4.5
Sagana Kitchenware8 inchNot listedNot listed$$3.8
TUO Cutlery8.25 inchNot listedNot listed$$4.6

Detailed review of Best Sashimi/sushi Knives

#7 – TojiroShirogami Steel Sushi / Sashimi Chef Knife Yanagi-ba 210mm F-930

good Sashimi Knife

This knife is great for preparing sashimi or sushi. It consists of a three-layered blade with the middle blade made from white steel. This is sandwiched between soft steel to help protect the blade. The knife is great for professional use or those looking for a general-purpose knife for home use.

#6 – Shun Pro 9-½-Inch Yanagiba Knife

Sashimi Knife

This knife measures 9 ½ inches long and has a single-edge blade, making it perfect for creating slices of soft meat or fish that are razor-thin, such as those in sashimi. The VG-10 super-steel holds and takes a sharp edge better than similar knives. The wide blade bevel can be easily sharpened using a whetstone. The handle is made from premium pakkawood and is in a D-shape to it your palm’s curves and offer a secure, comfortable grip. There is a lifetime limited warranty on this one of the top 10 best sashimi knives.

#5 – Yoshihiro Hammered Damascus NSW 46 Layers Sujihiki (Slicer) Japanese Sushi Sashimi Chef Knife 9.5 Inch (240mm) Shitan Handle

perfect Sashimi Knife

Although expensive, this professional-quality sashimi knife is well worth it in terms of quality. The handle is made from rosewood with a water buffalo horn bolster. The blade is Damascus VG-10 which has been put into 46 layers to create a double-edge blade that can create incredibly thin cuts. The knife is handcrafted by a master artisan.

#4 – Yoshihiro VGYA240SH Stainless HongasumiYanagi Sushi Sashimi Japanese Chef Knife, 9.5”, Rosewood

good Sashimi Knives

This is one of the top 10 best Sashimi knives with Hongasumi grade steel with a high carbon content to allow for edge retention and sharpness while still offering the easy maintenance and durability of stainless steel. The VG stainless steel blade is also stain-resistant and can get extremely sharp via a whetstone. This allows it to glide through fish without any pressure. The handcrafted rosewood handle is shaped as a D for comfort.

#3 – Mercer Culinary Japanese-Style Pointed Sashimi Knife, 12”

japanese Sashimi Knife.

This sashimi knife can also be referred to as a sujihiki or yanagi and is extremely versatile, working for the majority of kitchen tasks. The high quality and sharp edge make it ideal for daily dicing and slicing, including by professionals. The wooden box that the knife comes in is stylish and offers protection.

#2 – SekizoYanagiba Sashimi Knife 210mm

best Sashimi Knife


The 8-inch blade on this sashimi knife is long and slender enough to easily glide through rice rolls as well as fish, letting you effortlessly make sashimi or sushi. It is single beveled and designed for use by right-handed people.

#1 – Royal 13-2-4MM 13-Inch Full Tang Blade Kitchen Knife, 420 Japanese Stainless Steel

Best Sashimi Knives

This versatile knife leads the top 10 best sashimi knives with its ability to take care of all daily kitchen tasks, including mincing, chopping, dicing, and slicing fish, meat, vegetables, and fruit. The Japanese stainless steel was crafted to be easy to maintain, rust-resistant, and sharp while easily resharpening and maintaining its edge. It features a full tang, handle made of pakka wood, and money back guarantee.

Next time you think about making sashimi, one of these top 10 best sashimi knives could be incredibly helpful. They are perfect for slicing fish but versatile enough for daily use. This means that they will not take up extra room in your kitchen.

Factors to consider before purchasing a Sashimi knife.

  • Brand.
    Some people pay great attention to sashimi knives that were made in Japan, as they are considered to be of the highest quality. Sashimi is a Japanese traditional food, so there is no wonder why many people connect the quality of the knife with the country of its origin. However, there are many Western brands that also offer high-quality sashimi knives, so there are a lot of options to choose from.
  • Length.
    Sashimi knives can be of a different length, so you need to choose the right one for your usage. Look at your ordinary appliances, measure the longest knife and you will understand what length you need. These knives are multifunctional, so it would be unwise to buy a too long or too short knife for one occasion.
  • Material.
    Both the material of the blade and of the handle are important for the most convenient usage. The best blades are usually made from stainless steel, so look for such options. Not all stainless steel used is of the same quality, so you need to choose a high-quality one.
    The handle has to be made from a material that wouldn’t be slick. It has to be convenient to hold, so you can give your new knife a strong grip to slice food with it.
    For the blade material, one of the most important things is the amount of carbon in it. Low carbon stainless steel needs to be sharpened much more often, and the process of sharpening is difficult as this metal is considered soft for the blade. Lots of metal will be removed, and the quality of the knife may become much worse.
    High carbon stainless steel will become the best choice, as it is easier to sharpen it, and it doesn’t require often sharpening, as the metal doesn’t dull quickly.
  • Price.
    The price of the sashimi knife will determine many important points connected with the quality of the appliance. The better the materials are, the higher the price is, so be ready to spend some extra money on a good appliance. Also, the quality of steel used determines the sharpness of the knife and the necessity in sharpening it. Pay attention to this point, as you don’t want to replace the knife in a couple of months.
  • Sharpening.
    Different sashimi knives require different sharpening: some work with stone, other with diamond. You need to know more about the process of sharpening to make sure your manual or automatic tool will be suitable for the knife you are about to buy. For softer materials, it is better if your tool doesn’t remove much metal from the surface. For harder metals, even diamond sharpeners will be suitable.
  • Functionality.
    Decide what will be better and more convenient for you and your kitchen: a knife or a set of knives. One multifunctional knife is usually enough, as it will be safer to use and maintain one tool than a whole set. If you want to cook professionally and slice many different products that may need a different approach, it’s better to buy a set, of course.

How to slice sashimi

Here’s the correct and wrong way to slice sashimi. Learn the correct way to slice sashimi with sashimi knife in your kitchen.

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