Top 10 Best Usuba & Nakiri Knives

Looking for Japanese kitchen knives can be challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar with the various knife styles and what they are used for. To help you start your search, consider these top 10 best Usuba and Nakiri knives. Each of them is high-quality and the list includes Japanese-made products as well as more affordable options for those who simply want something in the Japanese style.

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  2. Detailed Review Of Best Usuba & Nakiri Knives
  3. Usuba and nakiri knife technique

Comparison Chart Of Best Usuba & Nakiri Knives

PictureNameBlade lengthOriginWarrantyPriceRating
Kai USA AB50715-3/8 inchChinaNo $4.6
DALSTRONG8 inch ChinaYes$$4.4
Kai 6716N6-1/2 inchJapanYes$4.5
Wusthof 7 inchGermanyYes$$4.1
Shun TDM07425.5 inch JapanYes$$4.4
Mercer Culinary7 inchTaiwanYes$$4.8
DALSTRONG Series X - VG106 inchChinaYes$$$4.7
TradaFor7 inchChinaNot listed$$4.8
Yoshihiro VG-16.5 inchNot listedNot listed$$$4.4
Shun Classic6.5 inchNot listedYes$$$4.7

Detailed review of Best Usuba & Nakiri Knives

#5 – Shun TDM0742 Premier Nakiri Knife, 5.5-Inch

premium Nakiri Knives

Starting the list of the top 10 best Usaba and Naikiri knives is this one from Shun. Its thin blade is ideal for cutting vegetables and is made from layered Damascus steel. The hand-hammered finish is referred to as tsuchime and works to reduce drag while cutting, preventing foods from sticking to the blade. The pakkawood handle fits comfortably in your palm so you can securely hold the knife in many positions.

#4 – Wusthof Gourmet Nakiri Vegetable Knife With Hollow Edge

best Nakiri Knife

This Nakiri knife has a 7-inch blade with a Granton-edge perfect for dicing, chopping, and slicing greens and vegetables. It creates fine and even cuts. The blade has a full tang and was laser cut using a single piece of non-stain high-carbon steel. The polypropylene handle has been riveted to improve durability and balance. This precisely tapered knife was made in Germany and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

#3 – Kai 6716N Wasabi Black Nakiri Knife, 6-½-Inch

top rated Nakiri Knife

Yet another Nakiri knife perfect for chopping vegetables thoroughly and quickly, this option is made using Daido 1K6 stainless steel with a high carbon content to improve edge retention. The blade has been bead-blasted to create the attractive finish and includes the Japanese symbol for wasabi. The handle is made from polypropylene and this Japanese-made knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

#2 – Dalstrong Infinity Blade – Professional 8” Ceramic Chef Knife – 5 Piece Gift Set – Black Mirror Finish, Sheath, Sharpener

good Nakiri Knives

If you are looking for one of the top 10 best Usuba and Nakiri knives that gives you several blades in a single kit, then this Dalstrong kit is ideal. It is made from zirconium to offer twice the sharpness of steel blades so it can slice and dice ultra-thin. The blade was handcrafted with care before being polished to create the mirror finish. The extra-hard blackened ceramic resists bacteria and germs and is free from BPA, nonporous, and won’t ever rust. The blade is also 15 times as good at retaining an edge as steel. This is furthered by using the included sheath and sharpener. To make this Nakiri knife easy to use, it is ultra-light, doesn’t cause browning, doesn’t leave a metallic taste, and won’t absorb salts, oils, or acids.

#1 – Kai USA AB5071 Pure Komachi 2 Nakiri Knife, 5-⅜-Inch

best Nakiri Knives

This is the perfect choice if you are on a budget but still want one of the top 10 best Usuba and Nakiri knives. The blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel to keep the 16-degree cutting edge super sharp. There is also a sheath to protect the blade and make storage easier. The lightweight handles are comfortable and ergonomic so you won’t get fatigued when using them. There is a non-stick, FDA-approved coating on the blade that makes it easier to release food and stops cross-contamination.

The top 10 best Usuba and Nakiri knives include affordable options as well as those perfect for professionals looking for a knife to use daily when preparing Japanese dishes. When choosing the one to buy, think about your budget, how frequently you want to sharpen the knife, if you are okay with handwashing, and how you plan on storing the knife. Once you know those things, picking among the items on this list should be easy.

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Usuba and nakiri knife technique

Professional chefs demonstrates proper motion to use the usuba and nakiri knife. They tells us step-by-step guide to cut vegetables with the help of this knife.

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